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About us




We want Dunav a.d. to be for many years a recognizable manufacturer of texturised polyamide and polyester yarns, yarn effects and threads as well as covered elastane yarns.
To provide for sustainability and current investment our thoughts and acts are directed towards earning profit.
Our goal is to further build, develop and create capacity to respond to all our customer needs.
We are guided by innovation, good service, quality; we are flexible and strive for good image.
In the markets where we are present, we want to offer system solutions and complete service and, owing to such acting, secure a high ranking position,
We consider acting in the field of texturized and covered elastane yarns to be the task of the whole company.
We want to be successful and unique and in this way to contribute to the company development.



'DUNAV'' a.d.

  • In their work our employees shall place customer demands first.
  • Through innovation in all spheres every employee can participate in achievement of a better tomorrow.
  • Each act should be designed in the way we wish others to act towards us.
  • The company can be successful only if its employees are successful.
  • Our manner of thinking and acting shall be guided by achieving the optimum balance between costs and profit.



  • In the field of manufacturing texturized dyed and raw, polyamide and polyester yarn and covered elastane yarn we meet the market demands, not only with production materials, but also by offering advice and technical service, from needs analysis to the meeting of such needs.
  • Our market activities are reflected in addressing problems in economical and technologically modern manner, simple and reliable in application. Our systems are of high quality and appropriate price and bear the trademark of ''Dunav'' a.d.Grocka.
  • We believe that a strong position in the market is an important factor for ensuring the sustainability of the system. We create and strengthen such position through active marketing aimed at carefully designed economic market activity.
  • Our activities are directed towards all markets. As a joint-stock company, we understand the necessity of building and further developing all the potentials in marketing, sales, production, research and development, finance, management and organization.
  • We strive to act in our business relations fairly, dynamically and with measure, to lay foundations for long-term solid interpersonal relations.
  • We seek to cooperate well with all public institutions,
  • In our actions we take into consideration the aspects of comprehensive environmental protection.
  • We make efforts to support, as much as we can, personal and professional development of our employees by actively involving them in the operating system and providing a motivating working environment.
  • From our employees we expect high professional and personal qualities and above average dedication. In accordance with our high expectations and our employees' efforts, we seek to reward them and protect them through appropriate institutions.
  • We are aware that our success is determined by the success of our managers and experts. Therefore we demand from them to fully identify with the policy and goals of the company, to be loyal, ready to accept innovation, flexible in their actions, of service to our customers, cooperative, not to neglect the role of costs and to serve as role models in every respect.
  • We must try to earn the profit that will ensure the viability and further long-term development of the company.
  • The entire acting of the company is aimed at preserving the achieved sustainability of the company’s functioning.

Copyright DunavGrocka 2017.
Bulevar Revolucije 15, 11306 Grocka, Srbija
tel: ++381 11 8501052

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